Welcome To Smartlok

SmartLok includes an option to alert the user each time to storage unit is accessed. Any unauthorized access will allow the user to alert the front office or the police.

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  • Curtain-Lock
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SmartLok Overview

SmartLok is a comprehensive and cost effective security system for storage units and other rental facilities. Using patented technology SmartLok provides access control from a central location allowing an administrator to overlock specific units in a storage facility without leaving the front office. SmartLok is a wireless system using radio signals for communication between the front office and locks on individual units.

The lock for an individual unit may be an electronic padlock issued to the user, an installed lock at the unit with a user interface, or an overlock component installed in the unit that is used in conjunction with a customer lock

Storage facility managers spend a good portion of each week walking the storage facility overlocking units behind on payments, then unlocking the units as payments came in. With SmartLok, the computer system in the front office records monthly payments and for each unit behind on payments sends a coded signal to the lock on the unit to overlock the unit.